The Current State of Faerun

The year 1377dr the year of the haunting is begining, the turmoil of the past few years is still simmering and the effects are being felt across the globe. In the year of Wild Magic, a champion adventure missing since the end of the time of troubles, Zaknafein the Raven a half vampire of five centuries experience was rescued from the Demi-plane of dread and a successful campaign was launched to not only retaked the fabled elven city of Myth Dranor, but to use a ritual discovered utilizing the still flickering elven high magic beating in the heart of the mythal within to allow Zaknafein to ascend to godhood, and ascend he did under sponsership of the Seldarine and the close courtship of the drow goddess Eilistraee who had long since searched for him in his dissappearence.

With a deity sitting on the throne of Myth Dranor the rest of the Dalelands quickly came under a single banner of the fledgling empire. Conscripted forces were quickly trained and turned into a professional army, the ground of the ancient elven city were converted in a Adventurers Academy to which most graduates stayed within the loyalties to the Empire, and from a portal deep within the forest a new race of people the Nocturna emerged born from Zaknafein and Eilistraee, thousands strong bolstering the already growing forces of the God lead kingdom.

By the Year of Lightning Storms the imperial war machine’s gears were begining to turn. Fielding five full armies and through an alliance with the Chosen of Mask Rubius Mandingo, a pirate navy, as well as one of the strongest showings of arcane might since the drow invasion of Mithril Hall, Zaknafein set his eye to conquest unleashing his forces and resources at the conquering of new lands and crushing old rivals, besieging the City of Shade, using a network of portals well known to the centuries old warrior to invade the Red Wizards of Thay and most importantly, the invasion of Sembia, already infiltrated with his spies and assassins, the country fell before the armies even reached the city gates, with the added naval power and mercantile influence the blockade of already troubled Cormyr begun. Not long after a series of crushing defeats the Kingdom of Cormyr fell to the Empire’s forces and occupation and subsaquient restabilzation had begun.

The Goddess Shar brokered a peace between Shade and the Empire which remains increasingly fragile to this day, and the armies invading Thay have returned from their aggression, having been deemed prudant to pull back and fortify the empire’s new borders. Zaknafein turned his attention of solidifying power against potential enemies and investigating the workings of other deities namely, Lolth who had begun gaining more power on the surface, and the arrival of a new deity and ally to the Spider Queen, the Whisper Lich Vecna.

In the Year of the Bent Blade (1376 dr) troubling new developments came to light a new undead plague had struck Baldur’s Gate, a creature foregin to all but those who spent time in the Demi-plane of dread, the lifedrinker, a vampiric creature who drains the life and soul from their victim with but a touch. Around the same time as the first attack of these fiends more sinister forces executed their aims on Scornubel and in a single ritual, turned the bustling port city into a Necropolis. the joint forces of Lolth and Vecna were responsible for this, but they and their godson were not the creators of this dread effect. The Knight Priestess Lilanthe, escaping from this Necropolis with one of the few survivors reached the Empire with tales of this horror. Upon being accepted into the priesthood of Zaknafein she struck out herself moving south to the savage land of Chult gaining allies amoung the tribes inhabiting the jungles and more importantly discovering an ancient citidel from a spliter race of elves directly related to the Illifyrn who would later become the drow, they however did not share their brother’s views. She and her fellows successfully reactivated the magical fortress powering it’s own Mythal causing it to rise into the air and returning it to the borders of the Empire.

All would seem well in the eyes of the Imperial citizens such a powerful military force possesing a flying fortress with crystaline dragon allies within. But a shadow lurked over the land still, once more Lilanthe set out in the fortress to the country of Amn, not intending to make such a show of force but upon arrival they discovered many of the cities within the prosperous country have been turned to Necroploises in much the same manner as Scornubel, the Amnish army had been routed and scattered, the Order of the Most Radiant Heart was in confusion and drawing back to the well defended Citidel of the Even Hand. The elven fortress set down outside of the town of Umar Hills and began fortifying the location, and Zaknfein began taking a personal interest in the country and was greatful for the assistance of the Seldarine Champion, Knight Paladin Pherin Da’Sune who’s own keep was near the southern border of Amn in Tethyr. It was discovered however that Vecna and Lolth had no responsibility for the current state of Amn, but rather the Forces of Entropy broke from their accord with the evil duo, and set out on their own agenda to exterminate life as it is know on Toril.

As if this news were not bad enough, the forces of the dragon goddness Tiamat once again made a play for power in Uther, sucessfully bringing the goddess into Toril physically, and with the loyal forces of troops and dragons the entire country or Uther was subjugated and within a week the armies of Mulhorand had been routed and broken the neighboring country falling under dragon rule and in rapid succession the City States of Chessenta had fallen to the Chromatic banner, with the draconic aggression only being stemmed by diplomatic intervention of Zaknafein himself, Tiamat both fears and hates the vampiric god after he almost killed her in the Time of Troubles, for now their accord holds, the scaled war machines churns forbodingly.

Now the Year of the Haunting begins, with many oppertunities and perils for the ambitious and foolish adventurer. Countries and powerful factions alike extend their hands and pockets to those willing to further their causes.

The Current State of Faerun

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